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Monthly Archives: September 2023

The secret of "stem cells" that women have to know!The secret of "stem cells"

The secret of “stem cells” that women have to know!

Did you know. The story of “stem cells” goes further than you think. Because today the storage of stem cells for the treatment of various diseases It is not necessary to keep it at birth alone. Today in the evolution of medicine it is possible to collect stem cells from

3 "Benefits of Natural Honey", you didn't expect

3 “Benefits of Natural Honey”, you didn’t expect

Everyone knows The benefits of honey as well, which honey is a product of nectar. That the bees collect And through a natural process within the honeycomb until it becomes a sweet natural honey Which in addition to being cook. It is a combination of both savory dishes, sweet dishes and beverages. To

5 different types of cough that is a sign of a serious disease

5 different types of cough that is a sign of a serious disease

Types of cough that is a sign of a serious disease. Cough is a symptom that annoys both the patient and close ones. Especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. If someone coughed near us, we would definitely be paranoid. It is not counted that patients with cough, especially coughing

How to "prevent eye" problems from computer

How to “prevent eye” problems from computer

Prevent eye, using computers has become a common practice for many. Either in the form of a desktop or a laptop. Most of our daily work is done on the computer, and a lot of our time is spent looking at the screen. And also the use of